Our advisory board and members

The Nordic Center for Conflict Transformation is working on #everydaypeacebuilding

Noufal Abboud
Noufal AbboudFounder & CEO
Noufal Abboud is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Nordic Center for Conflict Transformation. A native of Morocco as well as a Swedish national, With more than 15 years’ experience in teamwork with diverse staff, and in multi-programme management.
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Guissou Jahangiri
Guissou Jahangiri Chairperson of the advisory board
Guissou Jahangiri is a human rights defender and a cultural activist currently serving as a vice president of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH). She is co-founder and executive director of OPEN ASIA/Armanshahr.
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Asma Lamrabet
Asma Lamrabet Member of the advisory board
Asma Lamrabet is considered as a third-way feminist who revises sacred Islamic texts, believing that the interpretations that underlie Islamic Law from the 9th century were excessively patriarchal and must be reinterpreted. She is a Medical Doctor and biologist at the Avicennes Public Hospital in Rabat.
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Martin Ängeby
Martin ÄngebyMember of the advisory board
Martin Ängeby is Secretary-General of the Swedish international Liberal Centre (SILC), a non-profit organization that supports democracy and human rights activism.
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Jan Henningsson
Jan HenningssonMember of the advisory board
Such as a series on “Legal tradition of the world”, with experts in Islamic and Grothian law. Dr. Henningsson was an initiator of the educational programme “The image of Islam and Muslims in school textbooks”, co-ordinated by UNESCO.
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Peter Van Leeuwen
Peter Van Leeuwen Member of the advisory board
A seasoned Dutch diplomat, Peter van Leeuwen is at present (2019) active with international strategic and management consultancy, in different fields, especially in the Middle East and Central Asia. He holds several Board positions.
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Amal Hamidallah
Amal HamidallahSenior Advisor – Middle East and North Africa Programs
Amal Hamidallah has a special expertise that spans the geographical regions of the Middle East and covers several areas such as conflict prevention, post-conflict analysis, strategy development, analysis and programming, regional and geopolitical dynamics, reconciliation, security, social cohesion, and transitional politics, including constitutional affairs and electoral processes.
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Alexander Verbeek
Alexander VerbeekMember of the advisory board
Alexander Verbeek is a Dutch environmentalist, public speaker, moderator, diplomat, and former strategic policy advisor at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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Fatima Ezzahra Benoughazi
Fatima Ezzahra BenoughaziProgram Consultant
Fatima Ezzahra is the program Consultant at the Nordic Center for Conflict Transformation.
She is a trainee lawyer, a civil society activist and a peacebuilder. Fatima holds a Master’s in Civil and Business Law at the Faculty of law of Abdelmalek Esaadi.
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Dr. Carole Faucher
Dr. Carole Faucher Member of the Advisory Board
Carole Faucher is a social anthropologist currently based in Morocco. Her research focuses on issues pertaining to identity processes, political consciousness, schooling, and emotional wellbeing among children and young people living in fragile settings.
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Kaoutar Ahrouch
Kaoutar Ahrouch Project Assistant
Kaoutar Ahrouch serves as the Project Assistant at The Nordic Center for Conflict Transformation (NCCT) in Morocco. As a dedicated civil society activist, she specializes in …
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Said Jabouri
Said JabouriIT & Communications Specialist
Said Jabouri is a results-driven Digital Marketing and Media Specialist boasting over 7 years of expertise in conceiving and executing highly successful digital marketing campaigns across diverse platforms…
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Afifa Kallouh
Afifa KallouhIntern - CEO Office
Afifa Kallouh is an accomplished intersectional feminist advocate with a robust academic background. She has an MA in International Studies & Diplomacy and an LL.B in Law (in French), and demonstrates a dedication to advancing social justice through rigorous research and policy analysis.
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Kenza Abboud
Kenza AbboudJunior Associate
Kenza is a European Law student at Maastricht University. She focuses on European legislation and jurisprudence. Her trilingual proficiency in English, French and moderate
Arabic equips her with a multifaceted perspective,
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