Afifa Kallouh is an accomplished intersectional feminist advocate with a robust academic background. She has an MA in International Studies & Diplomacy and an LL.B in Law (in French), and demonstrates a dedication to advancing social justice through rigorous research and policy analysis.


Her professional journey is marked by diverse internships at various institutions, including a German foundation, two Moroccan think tanks, and a Dubai-based social enterprise. Afifa has gained expertise in a wide array of critical subjects, ranging from women’s rights and indigenous peoples’ rights to peace and security, education, transitional justice, and foreign policy. Recognized for her academic excellence, Afifa earned the prestigious Prix de l’Excellence for achieving the highest average grade at law school. Further testament to her academic merit, she received an Excellence Scholarship from the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung to support her graduate studies. Her MA thesis, titled “Education Policies vis-à-vis Minorities: Amazighs in Morocco and Mizrahi Jews in Israel,” critically examines the use of education policies as tools of oppression against marginalized communities in Morocco and Occupied Palestine. Additionally, her undergraduate capstone project scrutinized the legal implications of the Netherlands’ positioning following the Hirak of the Rif in Morocco.


Currently, Afifa contributes her expertise to peacebuilding and conflict transformation initiatives as an intern at the Nordic Center for Conflict Transformation. Her deep-seated passion for gender equality drives her exploration of women’s roles in peace processes, as well as her analysis of intersectional identities and the historical underpinnings of conflicts in the MENA region, informing contemporary practices.