Strengthening the Role of the Moroccan National Mediator in Transparency and Rule of Law

The Nordic Center for Conflict Transformation in partnership with the national mediator, a constitutional institution under the article 162 of the Moroccan constitution, lead Action Al-Wassit program that aims to strengthen the national mediator’s selected staff’s practical skills in Morocco to constructively deal with conflicts between citizens and public administrations and provide quality services to citizens in processing their claims in relations to transparency and rule of law.


  1. Increasing the capacities of national mediator’s selected staff and provide them with tools to acquire skills for them to provide quality service to address citizens’ grievances to cope with the complexities and challenges of their relations with public administrations. Trainings and their designs will depend on the findings of the need assessment/baseline that will be conducted prior to the project kickoff and after the consultation stage. The training and knowledge transfer will be designed to be interactive. The participants will learn from the trainer, but mainly from each other.
  2. Develop and foster collaboration between the national mediator, CSOs, media and key stakeholders and increase communications on the role of the mediator;
  3. Enable the sharing of experiences, knowledge and know-how with other constitutional institutions including through the parliament, and through networking opportunities with other selected members of European ombudsman offices.

The program adopts the methods, approaches and curricula developed and tested by the Nordic Center and its institutional partners, and will ensure to contribute to greater openness of key actors to partner with the Ombudsperson’s Office to ensure that it does in fact use its powers to comment on proposed legislation and to suggest policy changes.