Advisory Board Member

Mohammed Elmeski is a Senior Policy Advisor in the leadership of educational reform in international development contexts. His most recent positions include Clinical Associate Professor at Arizona State University, Chief of Party of the Higher Education Partnership in Morocco, and Senior Researcher at American Institutes for Research. In 2020, Dr. Elmeski co-chaired the 33rd International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement.

Dr. Elmeski’s professional expertise includes the design and implementation of educational reform, operational management, change leadership, monitoring and evaluation, and capacity development. His research interests include educational leadership, systems of support for teacher recruitment and retention, parent and community engagement, socio-emotional learning, and inclusive education. Dr. Elmeski holds a PhD in Comparative International Development Education and Program Evaluation from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA. He has led a diverse career that includes teaching, research, evaluation, technical assistance, and project leadership in USA, Africa, Central America, The Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, and the Pacific.