Advisory Board Member


Venka Simovska is Professor in School Development, Learning and Wellbeing at the Danish School of Education (DPU) Aarhus University, in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has extensive experience with socio-ecological approaches to promotion of health and wellbeing in schools, young people’s participation and agency and school development. She had established and is currently a member of the steering committee for Schools for Health in Europe (SHE) Research Group, and a co-convenor for Health and Wellbeing Education Research Network within the EERA (European Educational Research Association). Dr. Simovska’s interdisciplinary research interests combine educational theory, psychology and health/wellbeing promotion in schools. Her work involves qualitative and plural research approaches within interpretive and (post)critical paradigms. Latest publication: McLellan, Faucher and Simovska (eds.) (2022): Wellbeing and Schooling: Cross Cultural and Cross Disciplinary Perspectives. Springer.